“Balls.” said the Queen, “If I had two I’d be…..”

The New York Yankees have been the KING of baseball since about 1996 when their string of five World Series titles, seven AL pennants, and  16 playoff appearances have reigned supreme in the MLB.

The Chicago Cubs have been in baseball’s basement since say, oh…1946 (They made the 1945 World Series and played in a few World Series between 1908 and 1945 so we’ll say they were somewhat relevant).  Since 1946 the Cubs have made the playoffs 6 times!  6 times!  Are you kidding me?  A team needs to try and be that bad.

The Yankees made the playoffs 16 of 17 seasons between 1996 and 2011, but the Cubs could only make the playoffs 6 times in 65 years?  That’s a joke, but not really because it’s a serious thing.

The 2012 Yankees and Cubs seem to be historically about where their respective teams should be in early march.  The Yankees are vying for a World Series title, and the Cubs are hoping to be above the Pirates as they entrench themselves in the new “Cubs Way” brought to you by Theo Epstein and his computer program.

The simple difference between the Cubs and Yankees is the difference between “at least” and “if”.  Let me explain:

The Yankees will be good because:

Derrick Jeter will hit at least .280

Alex Rodgriguez will hit at least 25 home runs

Mark Texiera will have at least 90 RBI’s

Curtis Granderson will be at least a 20/20 player

C.C. Sabathia will have at least 18 wins

Mariano Rivera will have at least 40 saves

Robinson Cano will at least be an All-Star


The Cubs will be good:

If Ian Stewart can play like its 2009

If Kerry Wood doesn’t miss 100 games

If Starlin Castro isn’t a rapist

If Carlos Marmol Pitches like its 2008

If Alfonso Soriano has two good knees

If Ryan Dempster wasn’t 36

If Geo Soto was a rookie again

If Bryan LaHair can succeed in the MLB as a 29 year-old rookie


So do you see the differences going into 2012?  In order to be good, a team needs to have more “at least’s” than “if’s.”  So to close off this tangent, the Yankees will at least make the playoffs, and the Cubs would be good if they weren’t the Cubs.  Once the Cubs gain some “at least” players they can begin to compete for division titles.

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Hey I'm Alexander Schub,most people call me A.J. and I am a junior at Indiana University. In my free time I like to watch TV, hang with friends, and play sports. I am a Sports Communication-Broadcast major, and I work for Hoosier Sports Nite which is an IUSTV show that tapes weekly IU sports shows. We cover anything from basketball or football to field hockey. Long term I would like to be a local sportscaster in Chicago.

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